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Module 6 - Role of Pharmacists in Applied Translational Sciences

Module Objectives

This lecture will introduce pharmacists and healthcare professionals to pharmacogenomics, and demonstrate how this information is used to personalize pharmacotherapy.

This module will:
  • Demonstrate case studies in which graphical computer interfaces or “dashboards” are used to integrate models of drug action with patient specific information to predict individual exposure-response relationships and individualize drug regimens in hospital pharmacy practice.
  • Introduce pharmacists and healthcare professionals to analytical resources to measure and monitor novel biomarkers for making clinical decisions in managing pharmacotherapy.
  • Describe several techniques, including pharmacoeconomics, which pharmacists can use to assess the impact of translational sciences in clinical pharmacy practice.
Upon completion of this sixth module, the learner should be able to:
  1. Discuss the impact of pharmacists upon improving patient outcomes by optimizing the efficacy and safety of medications;
  2. Identify ways pharmacogenomics are transforming practical clinical drug use strategies;
  3. Describe various perspectives on personalized medicine and assess the linkage with quantitative pharmacology;
  4. Describe ways of interpretation and analysis of biomarkers.

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