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Questions for AAPS?
AAPS is delighted at the opportunity to continue providing this highly successful eLearning benefit to its members at no charge. We have partnered with Blue Sky eLearn effective January 2012 to offer enhanced attendee experience and convenience. Here are a few important details to read prior to entering your AAPS User ID and password below:

  • All attendees will now be required to utilize computer headphone/microphone units or amplified speakers, as the option for telephone dial-in will not be available. For group viewing, amplified computer speakers are required. By amplified speakers, we mean the type of units that plug into an AC outlet.
  • Please ensure that cookies are enabled on your computer.
  • After registering for a live event, you will receive a confirmation email directly from Blue Sky eLearn, plus a reminder one week, one day, and one hour preceding the webinar.
  • Speaker handouts--in PDF format--will be downloadable via a special link in the reminder emails, depending on when they are received by the presenter(s).
  • If you have forgotten your member number and/or password, please call AAPS at +1.703.243.2800 and ask for the membership department. Our staff will assist you in recovering or resetting your member login.
  • AAPS eSubscribers will need to upgrade to regular membership to attend live webinars; however, they will be able to view the archived replay after a one-month delay. To upgrade, please call the membership department.
To join for the first time, AAPS please visit HERE

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