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Matching Cancer Drugs with Mechanism

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  • Anton Yuryev (Elsevier)

    Dr. Yuryev received his Ph.D. in Genetics at Johns Hopkins University where he discovered proteins physically linking gene transcription with mRNA processing in eukaryotic cells. He works for over 20 years in bioinformatics. Dr. Yuryev worked as Senior Scientist at InforMax, at Orchid Cellmark as Senior Bioinformatics Analyst, and then as Senior Director of Application Science at Ariadne Genomics.

    Dr. Yuryev has published more than 50 scientific publications, edited three scientific books, and authored several algorithms for primer design and pathway analysis. He currently serves as Professional Services Director at Elsevier and responsible for development of targeted bioinformatics solutions using Elsevier software and knowledgebases in the areas of drug development, personalized medicine, and agro- and synthetic biology.

March 29, 2018
Thu 12:30 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.