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Cytokine Analysis in Non-Clinical Studies: Thoughts on ability to relate cytokine findings to adverse toxicology findings


This eChalk talk will explore the possibilities and challenges in the analysis and interpretation of multiplex cytokine data in the context of non-clinical safety studies. The focus of the discussion will be on strategies to improve the application of multiplex analysis to obtain a better understanding of adverse immune events or immunotoxicity in non-clinical models.


  • John Farmer, Ph.D.

    Dr. Farmer obtained his doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Physiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham studying the role of lymphocyte derived growth hormone (LDGH) in primary human T and B lymphocytes and Ramos and Jurkat B & T lymphocyte cell lines. This academic work described the anti-apoptotic intracrine mechanism of LDGH through increased expression of insulin like growth factors I & II (IFG-I & II), insulin like growth factor receptors (IFG- I & II R), and TGF-Beta-1 expression and activation. This work was performed using molecular and cellular techniques including northern, southern, western blots, cell culture, RT-PCR, dominant negative constructs for RNA interference, and standard immunological techniques including ELISA, flow cytometry, and cell based functional assays. Industry training and experience in the conduct of regulated studies in excess of ten years obtained at three different CROs includes ligand binding, cell based, and flow cytometric assay development, and validation of PK/TK/ADA methods quantifying immunological responses to multiple classes of biotherapeutics including peptides, proteins, cytokines, vaccines, anti-body drug conjugates, and gene vectors. Additional experience includes direction of immunotoxicology studies assessing innate, cellular, and humoral immune responses in multiple immune competent models including murine, hamster, canine, and multiple species of NHP including Rhesus, cynomolgus, and African green monkeys. Technical experience includes ELISA, ECL, cytokine multiplex analysis, flow cytometry, complement activity assays, and standard immune cell functional assessments including T cell proliferation, NK cell assays, mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR), ELISPOT, macrophage and neutrophil oxygen dependent and independent killing.

September 14, 2022
Wed 1:15 PM EDT

Duration 0H 30M

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