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Clinical Competency Certificate

APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency Certificate
This course series provides PTs and PTAs with a comprehensive study of the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to provide safe evidence-based patient care using the aquatic environment. Participants will demonstrate clinical competency in aquatic physical therapy by completing both written and practical skills tests. This is the only certificate program sponsored by a component of the APTA specifically designed for the aquatic physical therapy professional.

Note: The series includes online courses plus an in-person pool course. You must complete the three-day, in-person pool course to complete the course series and be awarded the APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency Certificate.

Achievement of the course series results in an assessment-based clinical competency certificate in aquatic physical therapy. It does not result in a credential and is not recognized by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists (ABPTS). Participants receive an assessment-based certificate upon completion of the entire program.

These are the online courses required to obtain your certificate:
  • Aquatic Historical Perspective - David Morris, PT, PhD
  • Aquatic Physics* - Lori Thein Brody, PT, ATC, PhD (prerequisite for pool course)
  • Physiology of Immersion* - Marty Biondi, PT, DPT, CSCS (prerequisite for pool course)
  • Critical Thinking and Aquatic Interventions for PT* - Holly Lookabaugh-Deur, PT, DSc, GCS, Emily Dunlap, PT (prerequisite for pool course)
  • Pool Chemicals and Safety - Richard Vicory, PT, DPT
  • Risk Management - Shelly E Muhlenkamp PT, MSPT
  • Aquatic Billing and Documentation - Holly Lookabaugh-Deur PT, DSc
*Indicates prerequisite to attend in-person component of the certificate program (Pool course).

If you'd like to learn more about the Clinical Competency Certificate, here's the Clinical Competency Information Sheet which covers the Overview, Course Requirements, and Cost.

Note: CEU not applicable in AK, CO, HI, LA, NJ, NM, NV
Note: CEU not pre-approved in the following states, but licensees may seek their own approval in AR, CA, DE, OH, TX
All other states: 2.5 CEU/25 Contact Hours

The three-day, in-person course dates are:
Texas residents who are attending Austin, Texas in 2024, please contact admin@aquaticpt.orgto discuss CEU approval for the three pre-requisites (critical thinking, physics, and physiology) and the in-person course in Austin, TX.