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Diving Into The Pain Revolution: Land Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, or Both?

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Course Description:
The aquatic environment offers unique benefits due to the properties of water, which
are not always possible to achieve with land-based exercises. These positive benefits
directly affect the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and other systems which
can make water the perfect environment for individuals to move better, even though
they are experiencing pain. Growing evidence shows that pain neuroscience education
can have a positive effect on outcomes for individuals with pain, but PNE has been
found to be most effective when combined with movement. Aquatic therapy with PNE is
often that perfect environment for the individual with pain. Join pain and aquatic
therapy experts to learn when, why, and how practitioners should consider using PNE
with aquatic therapy for the treatment of patients experiencing pain. 

1. Describe pain neuroscience education, its benefits, and its indications.
2. Recognize patients who would benefit from pain neuroscience education and
aquatic physical therapy.
3. Identify the unique benefits of aquatic immersion and activities for the pain
4. Develop effective aquatic-based treatment programs for patients with pain.

Note: CEU not applicable in AK, CA, CO, HI, LA, NJ, NM, NV
Note: CEU not pre-approved in the following states, but licensees may seek their own approval in AR, DE, FL, OH, TX
All other states: .18 CEU/1.75 CCU or contact hours