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One if by Land, Two if by Water: Aquatic Intervention in PT and PTA Education Programs

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Course/session description:
Utilization of the aquatic environment for therapeutic purpose in the United States has been documented in the literature since the early 1900s. Over the past thirty years, aquatic therapy services have become significantly more prevalent within rehabilitation facilities. This increase in service provision demands a fundamental knowledge base by clinicians of the physical properties of water, the physiological impact of water immersion, safety measures in the aquatic environment and fundamental aquatic therapeutic interventions. Inclusion of this content in PT and PTA programs is not consistent for the aquatic environment. CAPTE standards and required elements for accreditation of PT and PTA programs includes interventions such as functional
training, motor function training and therapeutic exercise. All CAPTE accredited PT and PTA program include these components for land interventions. Therefore, education in entry level programs in this area of clinical practice is necessary. This presentation will provide suggested didactic content on fundamental and introductory components of aquatic rehabilitation, delivery methods, and laboratory experiences for PT and PTA programs. Identifying content experts to deliver this material poses a challenge for many programs if core faculty does not possess this knowledge. Identifying those with expertise more readily available to academic programs will also be discussed.

Course/session learning objectives:
At the conclusion of this sessions, attendees will be able to:

1. Identify the fundamental content related to the physical properties of water, physiological impact of immersion and safety measures in the aquatic environment to be included in entry level PT and PTA programs.

2. Apply the physical properties of water and impact of immersion to specific aquatic

3. Determine specific aquatic interventions and aquatic equipment appropriate to include in entry-level PT and PTA education programs.

4. Incorporate educational techniques and locate clinicians and educators knowledgeable in delivery of aquatic rehabilitation interventions.

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