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Aquatic Interventions for the Lower Extremity: Justifications & Applications

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Course Description:
While lower extremity diagnoses are commonly referred for aquatic interventions, are the properties of water applied to maximize a patient’s benefit. This course has a dual purpose to discuss the precise physical components of water and justify why these properties optimally benefit a patient at specific times in the rehab process. We need also understand how those properties of water may impede progress if not applied correctly or at specific times in the healing continuum. Additionally, this course will take those unique properties of water to provide a comprehensive progression for various lower extremity conditions. Discussion of current research to justify aquatics for specific conditions will conclude this course.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify key components of aquatic therapy that positively impact lower extremity(LE) diagnoses and logical progressions for the use of this intervention.
  2. Describe research to justify the use of aquatics in managing LE diagnose
  3. Explain the benefits of aquatic interventions relative to specific aspects of the rehabilitation process including strength acquisition, management of gait deviations and balance deficits, cardiovascular training and sports skill re-introduction
  4. Identify aquatic progressions for LE diagnoses using aquatic-based equipment and movement strategies.
  5. Identify the point in the rehabilitation continuum when aquatic therapy is/is not appropriate for the efficient management of various LE diagnoses.
  6. Identify when it is appropriate to transition from water to land to facilitate efficient upgrades for LE diagnoses.
  7. Identify those individuals for which aquatic therapy is either contra-indicated at specific points in the rehabilitation process, or who present with physical conditions for which aquatics is restricted/contraindicated.

Note: CEU not applicable in AK, CA, CO, HI, LA, NJ, NM, NV
Note: CEU not pre-approved in the following states, but licensees may seek their own approval in AR, DE, FL, OH, TX
All other states: .28 CEU/2.75 CCU or contact hours