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Hydronic Heating

Who It's For?
Targeted to field personnel, but it is open to anyone interested in understanding the basics in heating and cooling in duct systems.

What is Covered
This course is intended to provide a working knowledge of Hydronics - cover topics from hot water to steam and addressing both heating and cooling.

The concept of hydronics is defined and the scope is explained. Hot water boiler types, heat exchangers used and the different fuels are detailed. A methodology for trimming a boiler is offered and an explanation of all components is given for two, multi-zone systems, using circulators and zone valves. The concepts of air-blocking and pressure are considered. The installation and operation of water side components, i.e., expansion tanks, air scoops, low water cut-offs and automatic air vents are explained. Boiler water pH, en-trained gasses and minimum return temperature are detailed. The venting requirements for direct and non-direct venting of boilers are explained. And much more!

Course Breakdown (4.2 hours total)

Part 1 - Boiler Room Piping (1:10 total)
Part 2 - System Components & Pump Sizing (52 minutes)
Part 3 - Wiring Zone Valves, Pumps & Controls (56 minutes)
Part 4 - Boiler Room - Piping & Venting for Steam (45 minutes)
Part 5 - Dimensions A & B and Two Pipe Steam Systems (37 minutes)