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Light Commercial Design for Quality Installation

Who It's For
The bank, the church, the garage, the office building, the gym, the restaurant, the strip mall store all need to be conditioned. This program is designed for the HVAC professional who will be calculating the heat loss and/or heat gain for commercial buildings, as well as, designing the ducted distribution systems for these structures. This program will give the user all of the tools necessary to intelligently use the ACCA commercial manuals to achieve that end.

Completion of this class requires that you have access to the following materials:

  • Manual N
  • Manual Q
  • ACCA Duct Slide Rule
  • ACCA/ANSI Quality Installation Specification

Manual N - Light Commercial Load Calculation
  • Limitations and guidelines
  • Heating and cooling loads and design conditions
  • Peak load conditions and system loads
  • Infiltration and ventilation loads
  • How heat moves and space load diversity
  • Fenestration, opaque panels and space pressure
Manual Q - Low Pressure, Low Velocity Duct Design
  • Duct classifications and fan and duct system performance
  • Measuring system pressure and fitting losses
  • Air side devices and associated pressure losses
  • Supply air outlets and return inlets
  • Four duct sizing methodologies
ACCA Standard 5 HVAC Quality Installation Specification
  • Establishing templates
  • Use in load calculation and air distribution