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Intentional Ally Work: A Leadership Opportunity for Chamber Professionals

As the spotlight shines on racial equity in America, chambers across the country are seeking meaningful ways to support their communities and address systemic racism. This two-part workshop equips chambers to be better allies in racial equity work. For those in positions of power and privilege, being an ally means continuously learning to build authentic relationships and stand in solidarity with those who have been marginalized.

This workshop discusses what it means to be an ally—both as a leader and as a teammate. More importantly, the workshop examines how we can best practice ally work as chamber professionals. By illustrating the stakes of allyship as well as practical tools to achieve it, this training provides an optimal way to foster healthy workplaces to ensure success for all. The session provides concrete, actionable tools to empower staff and leaders to advocate for themselves and others.

We will also discuss and reflect on common scenarios that lead to opportunities where we can practice ally skills and how we can use these skills to disrupt bias. Participants can expect to learn simple, everyday techniques you can use to make your workplace more inclusive and strengthen organizational outcomes. Attendees will learn how to recognize their sources of privilege, power and influence—when they can best act as an ally—and how to take effective action that benefits and inspires others. Through a combination of learning and development, micro-learning activities, and skill acquisition, this session will provide effective ways to foster critical conversations about difference and equity.

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Non-member price: $100

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