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Expanding the Labor Pool by Targeting Untapped Talent

Though chambers have done much work on workforce and talent,the past few months have highlighted the labor shortage businesses are facing. To address this issue some chambers are focusing on who is left out of the labor market in their communities and how they can be integrated into the job market. Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker from the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (Neb.) will share how LPED partners with nonprofits and the City of Lincoln through the Career Ladder program to connect qualified immigrants to careers that are high in demand. Adrian Hale from the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce (N.Y.) will highlight how they are supporting Army veterans from Fort Drum to join the community and utilize their skills. Participate in this webinar to learn about the strategies the organizations take to reach their target groups, how they are working with businesses, and takeaways applicable to any chamber.