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An Introduction to Skills-Based Hiring

In today’s economic climate, many chamber members are struggling to retain, attract and promote employees. While sourcing talent is critical to a company’s operations, both employers and employees agree that traditional hiring processes do not work. In fact, some industry sectors are reportedly losing as much as 93% of the talent pool with such an approach. Skills-based hiring presents a different opportunity. This talent recruitment strategy, where companies identify and evaluate skills and competencies to fill open positions, recognizes that pedigree is not the same as competency. This holistic process can reduce bias, add consistency and intentionality to the hiring process.

In this course, learn about the basics of skills-based hiring and how the ACCE Foundation is training chambers to gain a foundation in this action-driven strategy to help their community's employers address their workforce challenges. This work is made possible with support from the Rework America Alliance, a Markle Initiative.