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Finding Your Path in a Global Career (Part I)

Sadaf Chaudhry, Cristina Alonso, & Jennifer Stevens

Speaker Bios
Speaker Bios are provided as separate tabs in the presentation. 

Course Description
Finding your path in a global career, will be your unique guide to your own “unique” path into one of the most rewarding careers in life.

Curious about developing a career in Global Health? In this webinar you will hear from three leaders in Global Health who have impacted international, regional and national health. Emerging from three different career paths, academic training and types of jobs you will be inspired on beginning or expanding your path to improving the health of all worldwide.

Learning Objectives 
1. Understand the opportunities and responsibilities of having a global career Identifying global health competencies critical to successful entry and growth in a global career
2. Clarifying how to prepare personally, emotionally, academically and professionally to embark on a global health career
3. Review the range and types of jobs and degrees, levels of intervention and commitment and implications that help you qualify for successful entry and retention into this career Understanding global players including donors, implementing partners and key stakeholders and the socio-economic and political landscape of global health

CEUs Offered: 1 CE

Course Expiration: July 27, 2024