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ENCORE: Decolonizing Global Midwifery in the Time of COVID-19: Midwives' Experiences with Collaboration and Advocacy

Oveka Jana & Maria Openshaw

Speaker Bios

Course Description
This education session will focus on the Health Equity and Justice and Health System Strengthening competencies from ACNMs Global Health Competencies and Skills (American College of Nurse-Midwives, 2018). The presenters are midwives from the U.S. and Malawi who have worked together since 2018 on a collaborative midwifery mentorship program pioneered by the University of California San Francisco Global Action in Nursing project (UCSF-GAIN), that works to promote global health equity by elevating midwifery leadership and quality of midwifery care in three countries in sub-Saharan Africa. While the global Safe Motherhood movement has led to great improvements in global maternal and neonatal health outcomes over the past three decades (Miller et al., 2016), the flow of knowledge, funding, and scholarship largely follows colonial patterns from the Global North to the South, reinforcing global structural inequities.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will become familiar with key health systems strengthening concepts and the role of midwives in global advocacy, workforce and leadership development.
2. Participants will learn about principles of health equity and justice as applied to global health, using a decolonizing perspective.
3. Through case studies and real-life examples from Malawi, participants will learn best practices for equitable global health partnerships and be able to critically assess programs based on these criteria.

CEUs Offered: 1 CE

Course Expiration: May 25, 2023