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Rethinking Global Health Engagement: Reckoning with the past to Reimagine an Equitable Future

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Sadaf Chaudhry

Speaker Bio
Sadaf Chaudhry MD, MSPH, is a female physician born, raised and educated in Pakistan. She started her career in Neonatology at a local Pediatrics hospital in Pakistan. Plight of the poor and vulnerable forced her to think outside the box, now has 18+ years of public health career advocating and serving the underprivileged and marginalized. She has worked on Maternal and Newborn Health, Child Blindness, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Poverty related diseases (Tuberculosis, Malaria, and HIV), Infectious diseases as well as Neglected Tropical Diseases. Sadaf over time has emerged as a catalyst for change and an activist fighting for causes like Health and Human Rights, Women Rights, Social Justice, Gender and Racial Discrimination.

She believes in addressing health issues in their entirety by touching their social, political, economic, cultural and religious determinants. A holistic approach to health, expanding partnerships, strengthening health systems, empowering women workforce through strategic planning and superior program management skills. Sadaf is fluent in Urdu, English, and Hindi, has a working knowledge of Punjabi and Sindhi and can read and write Arabic. Over the years, Sadaf has traveled extensively across Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. She considers herself a global citizen blending into cultures and people around the globe. She has worked with donors worldwide including DFID, USAID, PEPFAR, CDC and organizations like Plan International, The Asia Foundation, Islamic Relief UK, and Society for General Internal Medicine (SGIM), American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL). Sadaf is currently heading American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) global and domestic development.

Course Description 
This education session is part of the free healthy equity education content available to ACNM members and is intended for novice and experienced global health midwives. Before engaging in new or continuing global health activities, individuals must assess their motives for participation and understand the context of their global health engagement. Speakers will emphasize approaches to decolonizing global health activities as well as the medical, legal and ethical requirements of midwives working internationally. Drs. Sadaf and Prasad are experienced clinicians with extensive global health experience in both the global North and South. The speakers will discuss the role that clinical practitioners can play in global health engagements.

Learning Objectives 

CEUs Offered: 1 CE

Course Expiration: January 27, 2024