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How to review a quantitative systematic review

Mary Barger

Speaker Bio
Mary Barger has practiced full-scope midwifery for 30 years and been a midwifery educator for as long. As an epidemiologist she is versed in many types of study designs. She has written the “Systematic Reviews to Inform Clinical Practice” column for the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health for 4 years which has helped her gain insight into the variable quality of systematic reviews.

Course Description 
Practicing midwives aiming to keep their practice current rely on systematic reviews to help them determine if an intervention should be added to their practice. Therefore, being able to critically assess the quality of a systematic review is essential since the advent of computer programs has increased the ease of producing reviews. This webinar will review the essentials of a good systematic reviews focused on meta-analyses and provide practical examples of these essentials.

Learning Objectives
1. Define a systematic review and its purpose
2. Become familiar with important terms related to systematic reviews
3. Distinguish between the different types of systematic reviews
4. Assess the quality of the methodology to conduct the specified type of review
5. Interpret the effect of heterogeneity among included studies on summary measure
6. Correctly interpret the summary measure of a meta-analysis with attention to the x-axis

CEUs Offered: 1 CE

Course Expiration: September 13, 2024