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Surgical First Assist Workshop - November 14, 2023

Workshop Instructors
Nicole Olshanski and Lauren Carratu

Workshop Overview
Midwife as Surgical First Assistant is an expanded practice area for the CNM and CM. The midwife who serves as first assistant in surgery, functions as a perinatal and birth professional in the perioperative setting. The workshop’s focus is on applying current evidence so midwives can participate and provide continuity of care for clients during a cesarean section. In this course, you will learn core knowledge and skills needed to perform as the surgical first assistant for cesarean, at a novice level.

This course is designed specifically for midwives and addresses the promotion of vaginal birth, shared decision-making and informed consent, and functioning as an active member of the perioperative team. Attendees learn how to perform immediate pre-op preparation of the client for surgery, and during surgery provide optimal surgical exposure, participate in tissue dissection, ensure hemostasis, perform or facilitate wound closure, and perform other intraoperative functions to assist the surgeon in carrying out a safe operation that optimizes outcomes.

CEUs Offered: 10 CE / 1 RxCE

Textbook & Exam (Required)
In addition, to the below workshop registration fee, the following required items will need to be purchased in the ACNM Learning Management System (Login required). Please note that the below are a prerequisite for attending this virtual workshop as you are required to take the exam at least 4 days before the workshop session and obtain a passing grade to participate in the virtual training.

You may either purchase the prerequisite items a la carte:

OR purchase the prerequisite items all together in a bundle:

Video Series (Required)
You are required to review The Midwife as Surgical First Assistant Video Series prior to the First Assist training day. These videos and the textbook are the foundation of the course and will be referenced by the course instructors. Additionally, the series will assist you greatly in expanding your knowledge and being adequately prepared for the training.

You may access the video series here:

Additional Materials
Once you are enrolled for a First Assist Workshop session, you will need to secure the below for the training:

  • Suture scissors: (recommended Straight, Blunt Points, 5.5”)
  • Needle holder: (recommended Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, Straight, Serrated Jaws, 7.0”)
  • Tissue forceps: (recommended Straight, Standard Serrated Tips, 5.5”)
  • Retractor: (recommend Richardson, Army Navy, or Roux Retractors)

Key Dates
  • Registration closes: Monday, October 30
  • First Assist packets mailed: Wednesday, November 1
  • Full Refund Deadline: Tuesday, October 17
  • 50% Refund Deadline: Tuesday, October 24
  • Exam Due Date: November 10

Please review the Registration and Cancellation Policy prior to registration. Note that by registering you agree to adhere to this policy in full.

MAX Registrants: 15