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Using Behavior Science to Increase Vaccination Rates

Nicole Shulick
Rachel Bruno
Julia Fishman
Khadijah Allen

Speaker Bio(s)
Nicole Shulick Nicole is a Senior Project Manager at Odonnell Company. An accomplished marketing professional, she holds a bachelor’s degree from Quinnipiac University and has 10+ years of experience. Nicole oversees numerous statewide integrated behavior change marketing campaigns for public health and social sector clients, spanning topics that include suicide prevention, tobacco and vaping cessation, education, workforce and economic development, and maternal child health.

Rachel Bruno Rachel is a Project Manager at Odonnell Company. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Roger Williams University and has three years of experience in the field. She has managed a variety of public health behavior change campaigns for clients on topics including mental health and addiction, maternal and child health, sexually transmitted illnesses, radon, and lead poisoning prevention.

Julia Fishman Julia is the Director of Behavior Change Copy at Odonnell Company. She has 20+ years of experience in communications ranging from media relations and crisis communications to strategy and copywriting. She holds a bachelor’s degree in writing from New School University in New York City. Her work has focused on tobacco control, air pollution prevention, mental health and addiction, and higher education.

Khadijah Allen Khadijah is Odonnell Company’s Community Engagement & Outreach Manager. She holds a master’s degree in internal relations from New School University as well as a bachelor’s degree in communications. She has two years of experience in outreach and is adept at developing effective partnerships and fostering community engagement. Her work includes interfacing with professional, nonprofit, and civic organizations, as well as private companies, garnering support and collaboration for public sector projects and initiatives. She has worked on a variety of issues including voter engagement, early childhood education and parent outreach, and in-home care options for older adults and people with disabilities.

Course Description
Human beings are hardwired to identify threats—it’s just how our brains work to keep us safe from danger. In a world where misinformation is commonplace and where deliberate disinformation campaigns are on the rise, it can be very difficult for people to discern a true threat from important information for their health and well-being. This presentation will examine how neuroscience factors into behavior and how effective messaging to help empower people to make informed decisions regarding their health.
Using the new ACNM maternal vaccination campaign as an example, we will explore effective techniques based on behavior change neuroscience for midwives to learn effective strategies in improving vaccine update among patients.

Learning Objectives
1. Leveraging neuroscience to optimize marketing effectiveness
2. Understanding of why fear does not create behavior change
3. Creating messaging that works
4. Increase vaccination rates through communications that demonstrate an understanding human behavior

CEUs Offered: 1 CE 

Course Expiration: November 3, 2024

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