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Navigating Telehealth: Non-Face to Face E/M Coding and Medical Decision-Making

Presentation Description

CPT includes an evolving and expanding group of codes that describe non-face-to-face services provided on behalf of patients. Medicare and other payers reimburse for some of these codes as they recognize the importance patient care services provided outside an office-based encounter. Many of the codes describe services that are frequently provided by Ob/Gyn practices but are not typically reported for reimbursement. The webinar will review many of these codes including prolonged services without direct patient contact, interprofessional telephone/internet/electronic medical record assessments, on-line medical evaluation, and services provided by clinical staff. The limitations of other non-face-to-face services such as care plan oversight will also be reviewed.


Upon completion of the presentation, the participants will be able to:
  • Interpret the CPT codes that describe non-face-to-face patient care services
  • Identify the services applicable to the participates clinical practice
  • Apply the reporting and documentation and billing guidelines to clinical practice