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Protecting Your OMS Practice in a Digital World

This course develops the knowledge and skills needed to master the core concepts in cybersecurity and PIPEDA.

- Defining Cyber Security
- Identifying Cyber Threats
- What Hacker’s Want
- Who is at Risk?
- What to do in case of a Cyber Attack
- Protecting Your Practice

1. Define Cyber Security and the need for immediate implementation in healthcare. Many healthcare providers, specifically private practice, feel they are off the radar of attacks but they are mistaken and most commonly find themselves victims.
2. What is a risk assessment and why is it necessary? The outcome of the risk analysis is a critical factor in assessing whether an implementation specification or equivalent measure is reasonably appropriate. The information gleaned from a risk analysis allows an organization to
properly plan.
3. Apply simple steps to protect your practice and patient data against cyber‐attacks and applying suitable policies for the security of patient health information when it is being sent, received, or stored.

About the Presenter:
Sam Munakl serves as The Owner of Cytek & President of Tech Evolutions, an Information Technology consulting firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sam and his team at Cytek & Tech Evolutions design, implement and support I.T. Networks and Systems for nearly 100 healthcare providers with an emphasis in dentistry.

Sam has more than 12 years of professional experience and continuing education in the Cybersecurity industry. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering then continued his professional training by earning several Microsoft certifications including Microsoft Certified System Engineer and System Administrator. Sam is also HIPAA Security Certified and just earned his Master’s Degree of Science in Cyber Security from University of Maryland.

Always looking for a new challenge, Sam made the transition to Tech Evolutions where he saw an opportunity to make a significant impact improving the quality of I.T. operations for Small Business owners. Using the insights, he gained in his roles with larger corporations, his mission is to ensure that smaller organizations who may not necessarily have the same resources can still have the same support.