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Prosthodontic Review Course: Clinical Protocols for Complete Arch Fixed Implant Supported Prostheses

Fixed implant-supported prostheses have gained tremendous popularity over the years. It is necessary to treat each patient uniquely and avoid using a generic or a similar design of fixed prosthesis for all patients. This presentation will focus on a systematic method of diagnosis and treatment planning that helps to categorize patients seeking fixed prostheses into 4 classes based on the amount of tissue loss, position of anterior teeth in relation to residual ridge, type of smile, need for lip support and need for gingival prosthesis. Additional practical considerations related to surgeries, choice of biomaterial, treatment cost, practice overheads, professional and at-home maintenance will be presented.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:
• Differentiate various types of patients seeking implant-supported fixed prosthesis.
• Management of gummy smile patients for fixed prostheses.
• Recall the best biomaterials available for full arch fixed prostheses