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Prosthodontic Review Course: Digital Workflow for CAD/CAM One-Day Dentistry

Recent advances in intraoral scanning, prosthetic software, and in-office milling technologies allow clinicians to make digital impressions as well as design and fabricate single unit fixed dental prostheses in their office. This presentation reviews the current technology, in particular the intraoral scanners as well as the digital workflow essential for CAD/CAM one-day dentistry. We also discuss indications/contraindications for CAD/CAM one-day dentistry, an ideal digital dentistry team, and necessary equipment and setups.
At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Comprehend, analyze, and critique appropriate workflow for CAD/CAM one-day dentistry.
  • Explain and extrapolate indications and contraindications for CAD/CAM one-day dentistry.
  • Integrate knowledge of current technologies and necessary staff members for CAD/CAM one-day dentistry.
This webinar was recorded on June 9,2021. 
The content of this program was current as of January 2022.