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Imagination & Creativity: The Difficult Road to Dental Product Development

Following this session, the attendee should be able to:

  • Express the value of a prototype and the methods to protect your idea.
  • Recognize how to access educational and financial support.
  • Value mentorship and networking.
  • Relate the value of persistence in the face of rejection.
Many practitioners at one time or other experience that eureka moment when they conceptualize a new technology or device. It is both thrilling and challenging. This is a discussion of one practitioner’s education in navigating the ill-defined pathway to bring a dental device from imagination to product development. The conversation will focus on the lessons learned, the access to valuable resources, and the pitfalls and mistakes made on the difficult road to dental product development.
This lecture will help equip creative and imaginative individuals with tools to make their dream of bringing a new technology or device that will improve outcomes for patients and practitioners a reality.