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PRC: Removable Complete Denture (RCD): Anatomy-Based Mandibular Impression

Removable complete denture is a fundamental treatment in Prosthodontics. Implant assisted RCD (IRCD) has been a standard of care in dentistry, however, there is a portion of the population that cannot go through IRCD treatment and needs to seek conventional RCD treatment. One of the challenges the dentist and the prosthodontist encounter during RCD treatment is the patient’s satisfaction with their mandibular RCD retention. A common misunderstanding is the depth of the floor of the mouth, which is the most mishandled area when it comes to making impressions. This lecture cover anatomy-based impression philosophy, which focuses on mandibular anatomy. Through this presentation the participant can receive proper knowledge of mandibular anatomy and impression making.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Identify the proper knowledge of mandibular anatomy.
  • Model the correct procedure for impression making.
  • Express the challenges related to patient’s satisfaction with the mandibular RCD retention during RCD treatment.
This webinar was recorded on June 21, 2022.