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ACP Prosthodontic Webinar: Implant Occlusion - Making a Difference

This webinar will review the importance of occlusion for implant prosthodontics and identify successful occlusal schemes, which enhance long term success. Knowledge of record acquisition both digital and analog for the partially and fully edentulous patient will improve skills and patient outcomes. Whether a full arch restoration, multiple units for a partially edentulous patient, or a single tooth implant, recording the correct centric relation position at the correct vertical dimension of occlusion is a skill acquired through experience utilizing proven techniques. Use of a central bearing device will be reviewed to emphasize a neuromuscular approach. Materials selection, personalized for occlusal function, may transform common dental implant restorations into legendary rehabilitations.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Identify the factors which influence occlusion.
  • Recognize the strategies for insuring accurate jaw recording.
  • Describe the technique of the central bearing device or gothic arch tracing.
  • Demonstrate the desired occlusion for the single, partially, and fully edentulous patient.
  This webinar was recorded June, 13, 2023.