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ACTFL's Educators Rising 2.0

Your language learners may be future language educators! Join ACTFL's Educators Rising initiative and engage your students to explore language teaching as a career. With extensive input from users and focus groups, ACTFL has reimagined and redesigned 10 ready-to-use modules for you to lead activities with your high school and college students.

Each module includes at least 3 resources ready for you to download:
  1. An Educator Facilitator Guide – this document leads you through the content of the module and outlines how you might structure your Educators Rising sessions.
  2. An Interactive Worksheet – this document is a resource for your students to use throughout each module. Here, they will write reactions to videos and activities, reflect on what they’ve learned, and record their interests. This resource can also be adapted to an online version using Google Forms which allows you to customize your program to meet your needs and those of your students.
  3. A ready-to-use Module Presentation – this resource presents the module materials visually for your students with embedded hyperlinks and videos.
For more information, visit ACTFL's Educators Rising web page. Contact Kate McCrea, ACTFL Education Project Coordinator, with your questions and feedback.