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Supporting Heritage Language Learners


  • Olga Kagan, National Heritage Language Resource Center, UCLA
  • María Carreira, National Heritage Language Resource Center, UCLA


This webinar introduces participants to the core concepts of heritage language teaching. Three general principles of heritage language teaching emerge from these findings:
  • HL curricula should be rooted in the experiences, affective needs, and goals of HL learners
  • HL teaching should build on the linguistic strengths of HL learners
  • and HL teaching should be learner-centered and differentiated. 
The presenters share a community-based curriculum that represents an effective way to harness the wealth of knowledge and experiences that heritage language learners bring to the classroom. Other topics discussed: 
  •  How to incorporate in the classroom authentic tasks that are used by native speakers to access information
  • Differentiated instruction
Run time: 180 minutes. Professional learning certificate available upon completion for 3 contact hours.

Access: 1 year (starting at the moment of purchase)

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