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eStudy 103: Powerful Presentations: Design and Deliver Presentations for Maximum Impact

Ann K Emery, Data Visualization Designer, Depict Data Studio

“I am struggling with how to make my slides less text-driven.”  “I am looking for tools and tricks for making complicated data and information look exciting and compelling for a range of audiences.” “My biggest goal is to disseminate our findings more widely with staff, which means learning how to communicate data to folks who often don't consider themselves ‘data people."

Does this sound familiar? If so, our Powerful Presentations eStudy with Ann K. Emery may be for you.

During this 3-hour eStudy, you’ll gain a dozen techniques for delivering effective data presentations. Avoid Death by PowerPoint by differentiating between slidedecks (for live presentations) and slidedocs (standalone documents). Craft your presentation’s takeaway points so that your key findings stick. Reduce text overload by swapping bullet points for a variety of visuals. Color-code your content so that your audience knows when a new segment is beginning. Storyboard your slides to hold your audience’s attention. Improve your presentation’s accessibility with easy-to-apply techniques related to color contrast and text orientation.

Bring a slideshow to work on. There will be homework between the two sessions.

Learning Objectives: 
After the session, participants will be able to:

  • differentiate between slidedecks (for live presentations) and slidedocs (standalone documents that happen to be made in presentation software like PowerPoint);
  • structure their presentation with an opening slide, table of contents slide, divider slides, body slides, and a closing slide;
  • design body slides that incorporate a variety of visuals beyond bullet points (e.g., with effective data visualizations; maps; diagrams; tables; photographs; screenshots; logos; and/or icons);
  • follow design principles that are research-based and accessible.
Facilitation Experience:
I lead more than 50 in-person workshops, virtual webinars, online courses, and conference keynotes for thousands of students around the globe each year. Topics include Simple Spreadsheets (data analysis), Great Graphs (data visualization), Dashboard Design, Report Redesign, and Powerful Presentations (the focus of this eStudy).

In 2019 alone, I have delivered this particular Powerful Presentations training as a full-day workshop for these organizations:
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, DC, 3 separate workshops in February 2019
  • Idaho Department of Correction in Boise, Idaho, June 2019
  • DC Child and Family Services Agency in Washington, DC, July 2019
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, DC, July 2019
  • Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, 2 separate workshops in August 2019
  • Centers for Disease Control in Guatemala, August 2019
  • Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, September 2019
  • Centers for Disease Control in Vietnam, December 2019
Primary Audience:
Evaluators, researchers, and scientists often need to communicate data in a variety of formats, from full-length technical papers, to summary documents like fact sheets or infographics, to live presentations with slides. This training focuses on presentations (for conferences, for stakeholder meetings, for staff meetings, and so on).