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Introduction to Evaluation 101 eLearning Course

Evaluation 101 is the American Evaluation Association’s first online course. Created with the assistance of Tom Chapel, Retired Chief Evaluation Officer for the CDC, Evaluation 101 provides an overview of the evaluation framework. This hands-on, self-paced e-learning course uses case studies and simulations to teach the step-by-step framework for program evaluation.The tools and insights learned from Evaluation 101 will empower you to use evaluative thinking effectively and make an immediate and practical impact on your evaluation practice.

Who Should Participate?
Evaluation 101 was designed with new members and industry professionals in mind, but professionals of all experience levels are welcome to join. This course is intended to be one of the first of many other courses you can take throughout your career to advance your knowledge.

What is in it for Participants?
Learners will be able to make evaluation useful and usable.
Learners will be able to create programs with the available resources.
Learners will how to leverage program improvement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the six steps of CDC's framework for program evaluation and their application to any evaluation
  • State the program evaluation standards and how they help make intelligent choices at each step
  • Use logic models as a tool for program description
  • Identify the best evaluation focus, balancing the utility and feasibility standards
  • Determine the most appropriate effective data collection and analysis approach
  • Discuss ways to share findings in a way that maximizes use
Course Length
The course is self-paced, the learner is free to move about the material as they see fit. To complete the course it should take the learner about 4 hours.

The course will be accessible after completing the purchase and available to the learner for three months. If needed longer please contact