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Coffee Break Conversation: How do you build a culture of evaluation?

Chari Smith, President, Evaluation into Action, LLC

Chari Smith believes evaluation should be accessible, practical and usable. She founded Evaluation into Action to help nonprofit professionals create realistic and meaningful program evaluation processes. She has taught several workshops helping nonprofit professionals understand the value and use of program evaluation. Her book, Nonprofit Program Evaluation Made Simple: Get Your Data. Show Your Impact. Improve Your Programs., provides step by step instruction on how to do program evaluation.
She is also an adjunct faculty member for the University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business Nonprofit MBA program. Chari is passionate about her work and brings her enthusiasm, insight, and expertise to each project.

The capacity to do and use evaluation starts with an organization’s willingness to engage in the process. Are staff motivated to do the evaluation, or do they feel mandated to do so? Are staff able to collaborate on evaluation activities such as creating measurable outcomes or data usage, or do they operate in silo? There are underlying factors that can help or hinder an organization’s ability to engage in evaluation practices. We will explore these issues through real world examples and a concrete process on how you can build a culture of evaluation.

Thursday, October 13th, 2:00 - 2:20 PM EST