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Introduction to Focus Groups eLearning Course

Have you ever been tasked with obtaining feedback from a group of stakeholders? Do you have an interest in improving your strategies for focus groups? Have you thought about improving the coordination and planning for others to share their thoughts? The Focus Groups eLearning Course is the course for you! It will help you to prepare and conduct focus groups. It will also help you to analyze your data, summarize your findings and create your final report. Register to learn from real-world experiences and scenarios as you progress through the course to make your next focus group session a great one!

Participants will receive an overview of the focus group interview technique; its history and evolution, setting meaningful objectives, designing and implementing a recruitment approach, incentivizing participation, designing and implementing moderator guides (including in-group exercises and pre-group homework) and conducting analysis leading to communicating results to clients and stakeholders. This hands-on, self-paced e-learning course uses a case study to teach you about Focus Groups. The tools and insights learned from the Introduction to Focus Groups eLearning Course will help you add this effective tool to your evaluation toolbelt and make an immediate on your evaluation practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the steps for focus group design, objective setting, preparation, recruitment, conducting, analyzing and reporting.
  • Analyze the use focus groups in an evaluation context
  • Execute and summarize findings from focus groups
  • Sell stakeholders on the resources required to execute a focus groups.
Course Length
The course is self-paced, the learner is free to move about the material as they see fit. To complete the course it should take the learner about 1.5 - 2 hours.

The course will be accessible after completing the purchase and available to the learner for three months. If needed longer please contact