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10.27 Coffee Break Conversation: A Model for Cost-Inclusive Evaluation: It's Not the Price, It's the Value



Brian T. Yates, Ph.D., Professor, American University

In addition to his 5 books, including a sixth coming February 2023 with Dr. Nadini Persaud, Dr. Yates wrote the manual for helping substance abuse treatment programs measure, report, and improve their cost, cost-effectiveness, and cost-benefit for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. For the past several years, Dr. Yates has taught exclusively online courses at American University in Health Psychology, Theories of Personality, Self-Management, and, perhaps soon, Improving Human Services. Dr. Yates was elected for two consecutive 3-year terms as both member of the Board and Treasurer of the American Evaluation Association, the largest association of program evaluators in the world. He developed the MA Program in General Psychology at American University, served as its first director, was Acting Chair of the Department of Psychology for a semester, and served Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences for a year. Dr. Yates enjoys being a full-time faculty member in his 46th year at American University in Washington, DC

Although program cost is an implicit, often powerful if hidden concern in many evaluations, as are monetary impacts of program, evaluators often find it difficult and uncomfortable to include costs and benefits in their work. The Coffee Break provides a simple model that fits many forms of cost-inclusive evaluation, include cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and value-for money.

Learning Outcomes: 
- Name and describe components of a basic model for cost-inclusive evaluation
- Explain how different forms of cost-inclusive evaluation fit into the model

Thursday, October 27th, 3:00 - 3:25 PM EDT