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Previously Recorded eStudy 84: Intermediate Consulting Skill

Are you already managing a consulting practice? Do you find that you look forward to the field work but avoid dealing with the small business demands? Join Gail Barrington in this 3-hour webinar series as she explores some of these challenging consulting management issues.

Evaluators and applied researchers may be well versed in academic research processes, but uncertain about how to handle the entrepreneurial and small business management skills needed to be successful independent consultants. For those aspiring to have a thriving practice, this workshop addresses common problems encountered in the day-to-day running of a small consulting business and identifies some of the key issues faced by consultants.

This workshop will help participants problem solve around the ongoing challenges of a consulting practice. For those looking to fine-tune their current professional practice, a seasoned practitioner/award winner/author will share from her more than two decades of experience. This eStudy will occur in two 90-minute sessions. Each session will cover three inter-related topics.
This eStudy will occur in two 1.5-hour sessions and will include preparation materials sent before, between, and after the sessions.