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Nonparametric Statistics - Previously Recorded eStudy 87

So many of us have encountered situations where we simply did not end up with the robust, bell-shaped data set we thought we would have to analyze. In these cases, traditional statistical methods lose their power and are no longer appropriate. This workshop provides a brief overview of parametric statistics in order to contrast them with non-parametric statistics. Data situations requiring non-parametric statistics will be reviewed and appropriate techniques will be demonstrated using screenshots of SPSS analysis software. The instructor will demonstrate how to run the non-parametric statistics in SPSS.

Learning Objectives
1) What it means to say statistical techniques are parametric or non-parametric;
2) How to identify situations in which your data requires non-parametric statistics versus parametric statistics;
3) How to run a variety of nonparametric stats in SPSS;
4) How to interpret and report the results of nonparametric statistical techniques.