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Global Issues Speaker Series: Ben Clare

This presentation will explore Ben's journey from growing up as a blind student in Australia to travelling the world, working with amazing students with vision impairment, their families and teachers in a range of countries and challenging environments.

The presentation will highlight the various barriers and challenges faced and overcome, memorable events that took place and the ongoing impact of the work and what this has meant for the many students Ben has taught.

Ben will also talk about how assistive technology is assisting students with vision impairment to achieve and become active members of society.

Learning objectives:

  • Tips and tricks for working with students with vision impairment in resource poor environments
  • How to formulate inclusive education policy that is relevant to developing countries
  • Implementing projects that are sustainable and have the best possible chance of ongoing positive impact
  • Suggest ways interested individuals and/or organizations can get involved in the foreign aid sector and inclusive education strategies abroad

This session is presented on June 15, 2021 by Ben Clare.