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Annual Fundamentals Symposium | Epilepsy on the Consult Service

The purpose of this activity is to explore issues at the intersection of epilepsy and medical conditions. Epileptologists must often confront diagnostic dilemmas or weigh the risk of a seizures against the potential side effects of medications. "Epilepsy and the Heart" will discuss the effects of anticonvulsants on cardiovascular risk and of seizures on cardiac arrhythmias. "Seizure Mimickers" will discuss the differentiation of epileptic seizures from syncope. "Medications That Lower Seizure Threshold" will focus on consideration of the effect that psychiatric and other medications can have on susceptibility to seizures. "Seizure Management During Pregnancy" addresses the risks that seizures and seizure medications pose to pregnancy and the risks that pregnancy may destabilize seizure control. Finally, "Epilepsy and the Skin" examines the risk factors and pathophysiology of hypersensitivity reactions causing rash and more serious consequences related to anticonvulsant use.

Learning Objectives

Following participation in this activity, learners will be able to:
  • Comprehend and manage the cardiovascular risks of anticonvulsants
  • Identify and manage the selection of antibiotics and psychiatric medications to minimize risk of seizures
  • Examine and differentiate seizures from syncope and distinguish different more serious from less serious forms of syncope
  • Employ and manage anticonvulsants during pregnancy to optimize seizure control and pregnancy outcomes
  • Evaluate and comprehend pathogenesis of skin reactions from seizures medications and minimize the risk


Co-chairs: Fred A. Lado, MD, PhD, and Aradia Fu, MD
Epilepsy and the Heart: AEDs and Cardiovascular Risk, AEDs and Arrhythmias, and Discussion of Ictal Arrhythmia: Scott Mintzer, MD
Seizure Mimickers: Distinguishing Seizures from Syncope and Other Mimickers: Steven V. Pacia, MD
Medications That Lower Seizure Threshold: How Much Do Psychiatric Medications and Antibiotics Increase Seizure?: Andres M. Kanner, MD
Seizure Management During Pregnancy: Page B. Pennell, MD
Seizure Medications and the Skin Hypersensitivity: Jeanne Young, MD

Target Audience

Adult neurologists/clinicians (MD/DO), allied health professionals/advance practice providers, clinical trainees, students/fellows, pediatric neurologists/clinicians (MD/DO)

Program Purpose

Knowledge, competence, performance

Career Stage

Early, mid-career, established