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Hot Topics Symposium

This symposium will discuss new and emerging treatments for epilepsy. Its purpose is to update attendees on the latest treatments recently approved as well as those in the therapeutic pipeline, to enhance practice skills. It will consist of four lectures with illustrative cases. Topics are:

  • The rational use of epilepsy medications (with a focus on a systematic approach to sequencing and combining antiepileptic medications)
  • What's in the pipeline (newly and almost approved antiseizure drugs)
  • What's new in rescue therapy (an update on the treatment of seizure emergencies and emerging agents)
  • Deep brain stimulation (when and how to use it)

Learning Objectives

Following participation in this activity, learners will be able to:
  • Identify a rational approach to sequencing and combining antiepileptic drugs when treating their patients, integrating newly prescribed agents in treatment algorithms
  • Examine how to properly prescribe rescue medications, and learn about new options that are under investigation so that these will be properly used when approved
  • Discover and discuss the use of antiepileptic medications that are being tested and nearly ready for marketing, so that they will be better able to prescribe these agents when approved
  • Comprehend how deep brain stimulation can be utilized, and rationally prescribe this new therapy for patients

Target Audience

Basic Science Trainee, Basic Science/Scientists, Pediatric Neurologists/Clinician (MD/DO), Allied Health Professionals/Advance Practice Providers, Pharmacy, Clinical Trainee Student/Fellow, Nurses, Neurosurgeon, Adult Neurologists/Clinician (MD/DO), Patients/Families


Co-chairs: Elinor Ben-Menachem, MD, PhD, and Michael R. Sperling, MD
Introductions: Elinor Ben-Menachem, MD, PhD
The Rational Use of Anticonvulsants: Emilio Perucca, MD, PhD
What’s in the Pipeline? Newly Approved and Almost Ready Antiepileptic Drugs: Dennis Dlugos, MD
What’s New in Rescue? Update on the Treatment of Seizure Emergencies: Barbara Dworetzky, MD
Deep Brain Stimulation: How Should We Use It?: Jukka Peltola, MD, PhD
Conclusions: Michael R. Sperling, MD

Program Purpose

Knowledge, competence, performance

Career Stage

Early, mid-career, established