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Presidential Symposium | Febrile Status Epilepticus

The presidential symposium will focus on new developments on febrile status epilepticus including epidemiology and risk factors for febrile status, and consequences. Specific emphasis is on the development of hippocampal sclerosis and temporal lobe epilepsy following febrile status and on memory deficits. Data will be presented in the context of what is known about status epilepticus in general. Finally, basic science data on the outcomes and potential mechanisms as well as potential approaches to preventing the consequences will be presented.

Learning Objectives

Following participation in this activity, learners will be able to:
  • Examine epidemiology and risk factors for febrile status epilepticus
  • Recognize and comprehend the acute consequences of febrile status epilepticus
  • Discuss and comprehend the long-term consequences of febrile status epilepticus
  • Comprehension of memory deficits following febrile status epilepticus
  • Identify the animal models of febrile status epilepticus and what they can teach us about febrile status epilepticus in children
Award Presentations: AES Research Recognition Awards in Basic and Clinical Science, ILAE Update

Target Audience

Public Health/Epidemiology/Policy, Allied Health Professionals/Advance Practice Providers, Pediatric Neurologists/Clinician (MD/DO), Neurosurgeon, Neuropsychology/Behavioral Health, Basic Science/Scientists, Clinical Trainee Student/Fellow, Nurses, Basic Science Trainee, Adult Neurologists/Clinician (MD/DO)


Chair: Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD
Introduction: Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD
Incidence and Mortality in Status Epilepticus: Dale C. Hesdorffer, PhD
Consequences of Febrile Status Epilepticus: Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD
Memory Deficits Following Febrile Status Epilepticus: David Masur, PhD
Epileptogenesis and Memory Deficits After Febrile Status Epilepticus: Prediction, Mechanisms, Interventions: Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD (Fritz E. Dreifuss Award Winner)
Conclusions: Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD

Program Purpose

Knowledge, Competence, Performance

Career Stage

Early, mid-career, established

Target Audience

Public health/epidemiology/policy professionals, allied health professionals/advance practice providers, pediatric neurologists/clinicians (MD/DO), neurosurgeons, neuropsychology/behavioral health professionals, basic science/ccientists, clinical trainee students/fellows, nurses, basic science trainees, adult neurologists/clinicians (MD/DO)