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Epilepsy Therapies Symposium: Risky Business - 2016 Annual Meeting Recording

Award Presentation: J. Kiffin Penry Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care

The treatment spectrum of “risky” seizure scenarios from seizure clustering to status epilepticus encompasses a wide variation in recognition of these clinical entities as well as treatment approaches. This symposium will discuss the newest definitions of these entities and the evidence-based guidelines for treating convulsive status epilepticus, as well as treatments for seizure clusters, periodic patterns and subclinical seizures in critically ill patients, and outlying conditions that present as status epilepticus, including neuroinflammatory states. The pathophysiologic underpinnings for the spectrum from seizure clustering to epileptiform patterns in critically ill patients to status epilepticus will be discussed. Treatment algorithms will be presented for each of these “risky” scenarios, with the educational goals of early recognition, identification of the risks of progression, and rapid institution of appropriate treatments.

Following participation in this session, learners should be able to:

  • Recognize seizure emergencies, impending seizure emergencies (cluster seizures) and complex potentially epileptic clinical scenarios and have a treatment approach in mind so that patients are treated as quickly and appropriately as possible.
  • Assist in the rapid identification of seizure emergencies, impending seizure emergencies (cluster seizures) and complex potentially epileptic clinical scenarios; select appropriate treatment approaches so patients are treated as quickly as possible.
  • Delineate the uses of interventions for seizure emergencies and clusters and enable their availability in the appropriate clinical settings.
  • Describe the perception of seizure clustering by patients and by providers and assist in overcoming the barriers to increased use of seizure rescue strategies outside the hospital.

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced 

Co-Chairs: Cynthia Harden, M.D. and Jerry Shih, M.D.

Cynthia Harden, M.D.

New Outlook on Treatment for Status Epilepticus: Evidence-based Guidelines and Beyond
Thomas P. Bleck M.D., MCCM, FNCS

Seizure Clustering: What Is It and How Do We Keep it from Escalating?
Lara Marcuse, M.D.

Subclinical Seizures and Periodic Patterns in the Critically Ill: Experts Debate on When to Treat and When to Not Treat
Lawrence Hirsch, M.D., and Suzette M. LaRoche, M.D.

Status Epilepticus “Outliers”: Early Recognition and Prompt Management
Jeffrey W. Britton, M.D.

Jerry Shih, M.D.

Supported in part by an educational grant from Eisai Inc.

Attendees of the 2016 Annual Meeting have free access to recordings.