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Pediatric State of the Art Symposium: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC): Understanding and Modifying Epileptogenesis - 2016 Annual Meeting

In Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), at least 70 percent of the patients will develop epilepsy and in the majority, the epilepsy will start before the age of one year. Especially when epileptic spasms occur and/or when the epilepsy becomes drug-resistant, the developmental and behavioral outcome will be unfavorable: Many children will develop intellectual disability and autistic behavior. Because we understand the genetic background in TSC, with the involvement of the mTOR pathway, TSC is becoming a model to study epileptogenesis at the clinical, EEG, imaging and molecular level. This will lead to earlier, better and preventive treatment of epilepsy in TSC. Also, a better and more targeted approach for the frequent behavioral problems will become possible.

Following participation in this session, learners should be able to:

  • More rapidly diagnose epilepsy in TSC by utilizing clinical, electrophysiological, imaging and molecular biomarkers.
  • Describe the preventive treatment of epilepsy in TSC.
  • Develop optimal treatment strategies in TSC for epilepsy and behavioral problems.
  • Discuss the burden of epilepsy in TSC: drug-resistant epilepsy, intellectual disability and behavioral problems.
  • Describe the relationship between medical data and intellectual disability and behavioral problems.
  • Delineate new treatment options for behavioral problems in TSC.

Intermediate and Advanced 

Co-Chairs: Jurriaan Peters, M.D., and Lieven Lagae, M.D.

Jurriaan Peters, M.D.

Natural History of Epilepsy in TSC
Elizabeth Thiele, M.D.

Intellectual Disability and Behavior in TSC
Paolo Curatolo, M.D.

Current Treatment Options for Epilepsy in TSC
Darcy Krueger, M.D.

Imaging and EEG Biomarkers for TSC Related Epilepsy
Imaging - Jurriaan Peters, M.D.
EEG - Lieven Lagae, M.D.

Molecular Biomarkers in the Epileptogenesis of TSC
Michael Wong, M.D., Ph.D.

Targeting Early and Preemptive Treatment of Epilepsy in TSC to Modify Neurological Outcome
Sergiusz Jozwiak, M.D.

Lieven Lagae, M.D.

Supported in part by educational grants from Lundbeck and GW Pharmaceuticals.

Attendees of the 2016 Annual Meeting have free access to recordings.