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Scientific Symposium 2015 - Personalized Medicine in Epilepsy — A Brave New World

Tremendous advances in our understanding of the genetic mutations that underlie different types of epilepsy have left the epilepsy research and clinical world reeling. How to take this knowledge to the next level so that treatments can be identified for these patients in, some of whom exist in only small numbers, is being wrestled with at many levels. At the same time President Obama’s recent Precision Medicine Initiative represents a bold new research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. This symposium addresses these issues, from mutation to bedside in a precision medicine fashion.

Learning Objectives
Following participation in this symposium, learners should be able to:
• Recognize identified genetic causes of epilepsy and is familiar with the literature on emerging genetic causes of epilepsy
• Counsel families regarding prognosis and treatment using a personalized medicine approach
• Participate in counseling families regarding genetic epilepsies
• Assist in treating genetic epilepsies through a better understanding of emerging personalized medicine findings
• Recognize the neuropsychological and developmental impact of genetic epilepsies

Target Audience
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Registered attendees of the 2015 Annual Meeting have free access to recordings. Contact us at for assistance.