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Epilepsy Specialist Symposium 2015 - Malformations of Cortical Development and Epilepsy

Recorded December 4, 2015 at the 69th Annual Meeting of the AES.

This symposium is an update on MRI functions of cortical development and epilepsy. The classification scheme, imaging findings, clinical phenotypes are presented. Medical and surgical paradigms will be addressed.
As a result of viewing this symposium, the participant will recognize clinical and imaging features and classify MCD patients, ordering genetic testing, treatment and counseling.

Learning Objectives
Following participation in this symposium, learners should be able to:
• Recognize MRI and phenotype patterns of MCD, understand the genetics of MCD, initiate genetic studies and provide appropriate counseling
• Participate in the care and counseling of patients with MCDs
• Recognize the clinical presentation of MCD and the impact of MCD on psychological and neuropsychological function

Target Audience
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Registered attendees of the 2015 Annual Meeting have free access to recordings. Contact us at for assistance.