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Merritt-Putnam Symposium 2015 – Networks in Epilepsy

Recorded during the 69th Annual Meeting of the AES.

Network science is a multidisciplinary field based on fundamental discoveries in mathematics and physics that has had significant impact on a wide range of disciplines spanning engineering, medicine, biology, social and information technology. Advances in the science of networks have led to a deeper understanding of the role of the cellular constituents, assemblies and large-scale brain networks underlying normal and pathological brain activity, and has important implications for epileptogenesis, seizures and epilepsy. In this Merritt-Putnam symposium we review the science and technology driving the rapidly evolving, interdisciplinary field of networks, and address some of the key opportunities and challenges. This includes discussion of the role of networks in clinical epilepsy, including evaluation of cognition and planning epilepsy surgery.

Learning Objectives
Following participation in this symposium, learners should be able to:
• Recognize the role of epileptic networks and the emerging evidence for its role in focal epilepsy using EEG or fMRI
• Counsel families regarding prognosis of epilepsy surgery based on understanding of the role of networks
• Participate in counseling families regarding role of networks on memory circuits and association with network phenomena and prognosis

Target Audience
Intermediate and Advanced

Registered attendees of the 2015 Annual Meeting have free access to recordings. Contact us at for assistance.