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North American Commission Symposium 2014: Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery: Update on Current Practice

Recorded December 2014


This symposium will present an overview of pediatric epilepsy surgery presenting, in part, data from the ILAE Pediatric Epilelpsy Surgery Task Force. This symposium will address criteria for when to refer, what constitutes pediatric epilepsy surgery, what are effective outcome measures, the social impact and co-morbities of pediatric epilepsy surgery syndromes, and the emergence of non-profit parent groups to influence care and practice in the field. Learners will be provided with established criteria for diagnosis of intractable pediatric epilepsy.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine which pediatric patients are candidates for epilepsy surgery based on international standards suggested by the ILAE Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Task Force
  • Refer pediatric patients for epilepsy surgery based on international experience
  • Counsel family regarding diagnosis of intractable epilepsy as currently defined
  • Explain the process of evaluating a child for epilepsy surgery in view of international experience
  • Assess children with intractable epilepsy in anticipation of referral for surgical evaluation using current criteria, defining current psychological and neuropsychological status.
Chair: Gary W. Mathern, M.D.

Gary W. Mathern, M.D.

What Is Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery?
Gary W. Mathern, M.D.

What Is So Special About Children?
J. Helen Cross, M.D.

Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery: Is it Only Rare Syndromes?
William D. Gaillard, M.D.

What is the Role of Social Media and Nonprofits?
Adam Hartman, M.D.

Gary W. Mathern, M.D.

Target Audience
Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced