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Quality of Life: Measurement and Clinical Use Across the Lifespan of Epilepsy - Interprofessional Care Symposium 2017

AM17 recordingsDespite evidence that epilepsy significantly impacts quality of life, no comprehensive epilepsy care guidelines exist as of this printing regarding the evaluation and use of quality of life measures in clinical practice. This symposium will focus on the impact that quality of life has on people with epilepsy and their caregivers. The focus will be on the assessment of quality of life for people with epilepsy and will provide strategies for developing and executing an interprofessional approach to this important issue.

Following participation in this activity, learners should be able to:

  • Recognize and implement strategies to assess and track quality of life into practice, to include: networking with other health care providers regarding comprehensive patient care needs, including the primary care provider, other epilepsy specialists, and community organizations (Physicians)
  • Assess quality of life as part of the comprehensive epilepsy team including providing quality of life education, resources, and tracking over time to persons with epilepsy and their families (Nurses, NPs, PAs)
  • Delineate the role and responsibilities of pharmacists as part of the comprehensive epilepsy team assessing the patient's quality of life as it pertains to medication therapy adherence and treatment needs (Physicians, Nurses, NPs, PAs, Pharmacists, Psychologists/Neuropsychologists)
  • Delineate the interprofessional contribution of psychologists/ neuropsychologists as part of the comprehensive epilepsy team in assessing and tracking quality of life and making recommendations for indicated psychosocial care (Physicians, Nurses, NPs, PAs, Pharmacists, Psychologists/ Neuropsychologists)

Neurologists, epileptologists, pediatric neurologists, nurses, psychologists/neuropsychologists, nurse practitioners/physician assistants, pharmacists

Co-chairs: Janelle Wagner, Ph.D. and Madona Pleuger, APRN, ACNS-BC

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