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NICET Preparation - Level I and II Fire Alarm Systems

Credit Hours
14 Hours
Learning Objectives
Understand the purpose, scope, structure, layout, and application of NFPA 72-2022, the NEC (2020 edition) and the 2021 edition of the International Building Code, with updates as needed. Distinguish between codes and standards and how those differences apply to certification. Recall where to locate information within the codes and standards referenced by NICET. Recognize proper wiring methods as required by the NEC.
Course Description
In this course, participants will take an in-depth look into the codes and standards referenced by NICET for fire alarm certification. The course is designed for anyone considering or preparing to take a certification exam or simply seeking additional knowledge of the codes and standards governing fire alarm design, installation and general work practices. The interactive nature of the course delivery and practical exercises will improve participants knowledge of the use and application of NFPA 72, the NEC, and the building and fire code requirements for fire alarm systems. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to dialogue with instructors familiar with the certification and testing process.
Course Outline
  • NFPA 72 Pre-Quiz
  • Layout of NFPA 72
  • Fire alarm requirements from the NEC
  • Review of the NICET CBT process
  • Introduction to codes vs. standards
  • Format of International Building Code
  • Changes between editions
  • General fire alarm requirements
  • Specific fire alarm requirements
  • Practice exams, two 50-question timed exams to simulate the NICET process

Event Presenter
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Tom Hammerberg
Independent Contractor
Tom Hammerberg is an independent contractor and retired from the Automatic Fire Alarm Association in June 2017.He continues to present seminars nationally. Tom has been in the alarm industry for 44 years and was with AFAA for 23 years, serving as President/Executive Director and Director of Industry Relations. Tom is NICET Level IV certified in the field of Fire Alarm Systems and is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist.

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