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So You Want to Be a CDO

Presented by Libby Roberts, Lindauer Global, Senior Vice President (Moderator) Aziza Musa, Health Leads, Vice President of Development Paula Sakey, Boston Public Library, Executive Director and CDO Tom Woodward, Clark Art Institute, Chief Advancement Officer

Perhaps you are one of the many who are eager to learn from seated CDOs and career experts about how to manage your career path so you will position yourself to be #1. These nonprofit veterans have had exciting and robust careers as they juggled balancing family, careers and community life. They will describe how they decided to stay put, or how they knew when to move on to some of the nation’s premier organizations. Each will share an exclusive history of how they navigated their careers, reinvented themselves and kept it healthy, lively and fun. The goal of this panel is to offer career-making and breaking observations for both candidates and hiring managers.

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