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Getting Creative When You Cannot Hire

Presented by Victoria Jones, Development Guild DDI, President Lisa Rowan-Gillis, United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Chief Development Officer

For many reasons – not all intuitive – nonprofits have been subject to organization-wide hiring freezes, to make cuts when they were not certain they would hit fundraising goals, or simply to hunker down for the worst by managing expenses. Even though we know fundraising should be viewed as a revenue producing undertaking, we have not all been able to weather the storm of COVID and implications of the pandemic. And fundraisers have found it harder to argue this logic given all that has fallen on their organizations. Still, many nonprofits have found ways to be creative at doing more with less, at reprioritizing work, and have even taken this time to really evaluate the strengths and gaps in their programs and their talent. We have prevailed in many cases! Join us to learn how United Way raised $15M more with fewer staff and hear other stories of triumph despite staff reductions.

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