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Advancing Societal Change Through Philanthropic Support

Presented by Elsa Gomes Bondlow, VP of Growth and Partnership Development, Building Impact (Moderator) Cameran Mason, Museum of Fine Arts, Chief Development Officer Makeeba McCreary, Museum of Fine Arts, Chief of Learning and Community Engagement Blair Spotswood Hollis, Museum of Fine Arts, Head of Institutional Relations

Fundraising is a team sport. Institutions continually need to align their internal teams with their mission, needs and resources. The past year has made apparent how institutions have to constantly adapt to ever changing and unexpected events if they are to survive and thrive. In this candid conversation with the development and programmatic leadership at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts we will learn more about how institutions strategize, innovate, and deploy their assets to ensure securing philanthropic gifts that will have the greatest impact on their organization, the community and their mission.

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